Pin Up Girls

2012 Wall Calendar, Fine Art Photography by Heather Gray, 8.5 x 11, Saddle Stitch

“This series spoofs the pinup genre, joining hardscabble Yankee scenery and
backwoods bombshells in pictures that are equal parts campy, sexy and witty.’ –
Amy Rahn

Heather Gray’s work explores the intersection of photography and performance.
Her images represent the notion of identity as always fluid, contextual and produced
by codes deeply embedded in the fabric of culture. The wit, intelligence, and
wicked sense of humor behind Heather Gray’s photographs prove that effective
social critique does not need to be dour or pedantic. Her work takes the viewer
on a dreamscape ride through an existence that is whimsical, daring, and socially

This ongoing project, showcasing Vermont women, involves many local businesses,
farms, and artists. The models dive into humorous situations, glorifying the
absurdities of rural life, while fully realizing the sexiness of real women against
the backdrop of traditional “sexy” Pin Ups. Each photo represents a collaboration
between the model and the photographer, creating images with a truly unique and
spontaneous flavor.

“I like being a pin-up girl. There’s nothing wrong with it.”
Jayne Mansfield